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Ready-Mix Concrete

We deliver on order, ordinary mixes ranging from grades 10 Mpa to 45 Mpa for all requirements (Blinding, foundations, slabs, suspended slabs and columns), both in Lusaka and Chingola.

With our truck mounted concrete pump we can supply special pump mixes ranging from grades 20 Mpa to 40 Mpa.

Brunelli Construction


• Arcades Shopping Mall

• Mandahill shopping mall and suspended car park

• Protea hotels with the last in line Protea Hotel Lusaka tower, 9 storey building

• Levy Junction Shopping Mall and car park

• Bollore Africa logistics Logistical Hub in Chingola

• Shoprite Shopping Mall Chillilabombwe

• Shoprite Shopping Mall Chingola

• Cosmopolitan Mall Lusaka

• Lafarge Big Chilanga project (new cement plant)

Brunelli Zambia

We are the proud Franchisee of Hydromedia, a technologically advanced fast draining concrete pavement solution developed by Lafarge.

Hydromedia combines the durability of concrete with the functional benefits of permeable pavements. It’s mainly designed for use in an urban environment, it is especially well suited to low-traffic roads ( cycle paths, parking lots, driveways and side walks, sports pitches.


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